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Anglesey Day & Night - spaces available and timetable.

Our penultimate event is at Anglesey, on the longest, 2.1 mile 'International' circuit, on 25th and 26th September. We've said it before, but if the circuit and beautiful surroundings could be re-located to the south-east every grid would be full here. If you have not already done so, please enter now, whilst we still have limited space.

A reminder that every series entry enjoys 30 minutes of qualifying and 2 x 40 minute pit-stop races across the weekend, as well as dinner on Saturday evening, all for just £470. At present there is space in all races, except for the Swinging 60's/Classic K and Future Classics/Modern Classics who have just dipped into reserves.

As darkness descends there are optional 'Classic' and 'Modern' night time qualifying sessions and 40 minute pit-stop races for just £330. Surprisingly we have grid space left in both races, with ample room left in the classic night race, for those in the Adams & Page Swinging Sixties, Mintex Classic K and Advantage Motorsport Future Classics. As an added incentive, anyone entered into a night race will receive a garage space for the whole weekend (where numbers allow).

To those members who have yet to race at Anglesey, trust us, it is worth the drive to get there. It's a wide circuit, with high quality tarmac, elevation changes combined with arguably the finest scenery of any UK circuit. With the magnificent Snowdonia mountain range beyond the sea, the circuit definitely takes full advantage of the undulating landscapes with imaginative cambers, a blend of fast sections, technically challenging mid range corners, complimented with two hairpin bends and a 10% banked corner. It's equally suited to those larger cars with power, and small-capacity cars that handle.

Enter now via the booking system CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Entries received after Sunday 12th will incur an additional £30 fee, before entries finally close on Wednesday, 22nd September.

This is the first time we have enjoyed night racing at Anglesey, having previously organised them at Brands Hatch and Donington, much later in the season when the clocks have gone back. As darkness descends the atmosphere changes, to one of genuine excitement and anticipation, it's an experience all racing drivers should tick off their bucket list!

The night races are for those drivers who have already competed in the day and have suitable lights (you'll need them!). On the subject of lights, there is no need to go crazy; simple 'foglight' wiring looms are available on auction sites, as are cost effective spot lights or a light bar. Have a look at the CSCC event regulations and Motorsport UK yearbook for more information.

Every Driver, Marshal and Official will enjoy a complimentary main course and soft drink in the circuit restaurant on Saturday evening, as we wait for darkness to fall.

We are very pleased that tyre support company and CSCC sponsor, Adams & Page, have recently announced they will be coming to Anglesey with a van full of racing tyres and equipment, to support you over the weekend. Please contact them now (see their advert further down) to pre-order your tyres, as they will not be able to carry spare stock on this occasion.

Why not make it a mini-adventure and stay a few more days? Discover the beauty of the island with both coastal and inland experiences, or explore one of Anglesey's many stunning beaches. Maybe the family can enjoy the sights while you enjoy your time on track? We hope that late September will see the last of the summer weather.

Racing is timetabled to finish by mid-afternoon on Sunday, so everyone can get home in good time. The provisional timetable can be viewed by clicking here.

Testing is available by booking directly with the circuit, using the form saved within our Anglesey meeting page:

As always, tickets, entry list and final instructions will be sent to you on the Thursday of the week before the event (Thursday 16th).

We hope you take advantage of this amazing and challenging experience in what is assured to be a truly memorable weekend to remember!




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