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Anglesey Day and Night Meeting Now Open

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Entries our now open to our 25th/26th September Anglesey meeting. This is the first time we have had the chance to race in the dark at the glorious 2.1 mile International circuit.

The online booking system is now working and able to take your bookings.

For just £470 every competitor will enjoy 30 minutes qualifying and a 40 minute daytime pit stop race on Saturday, with a further 40 minute daytime pit stop race on Sunday. Every Driver, Marshal and Official will enjoy a complimentary main course and soft drink in the circuit restaurant on Saturday evening as darkness falls.

For an additional £330 there is the option to enter either the Classic or Modern 40 minute night races, with dedicated 30 minutes qualifying, on Saturday night. The night races are for those drivers who have already competed in the day and have suitable lights (you'll need them!).

Racing is timetabled to finish by mid-afternoon on Sunday, so everyone can get home in good time.

Testing is available by booking directly with the circuit, using the form saved within our Anglesey meeting page:

We last raced here at Anglesey in 2019, at what is now regarded by many members as their favourite UK venue. Stunning scenery and beaches, with loads of track time, make it worth the drive.




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