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Anglesey 24 Hours - Volunteer now and join us on this unique adventure!

We are looking for extra Marshals of any experience and Scrutineers, please volunteer now.

Race entries opened last Friday, to our 24 hour event at Anglesey, on 1st/2nd of July. This is a 24 Hour event with a difference. This unique event for the UK runs to a similar format to the Le Mans Classic, with different categories of modern and classic cars, in 40 minute sessions, racing over a 24 hour period. This gives plenty of variety to your weekend, with gaps in between the action.

Qualifying starts on Saturday morning, 1st July, with racing concluding at 13:30 on Sunday 2nd July; a nice finish time on the Sunday afternoon. A full timetable and more details are below.

  • £60 cash for volunteering for the whole event, as a gesture from the club and its drivers, to help you with costs.

  • Two x £10 food vouchers for meals in the Anglesey restaurant (open throughout the event).

  • Snacks and cold drinks on each post, with extra loos on site.

  • For those not wanting to volunteer for the whole event, requests are invited (1 day only / night or day shift only etc.), with a pro- rata amount of cash offered.

  • Staggered sign in times — report on arrival.

  • Post Chiefs and Marshals can arrange shifts to suit, within each post, provided a minimum cover is maintained. There will be a maximum time on post, before a substantial break, we want you to enjoy this and not be too fatigued.

  • Downtime between sessions.

  • Live Streaming.

If you have not yet volunteered, you can do so here: we'd love to see you.

(Draft Timetable - Click image to increase size)

If you would like to help, but would like more information before volunteering, please email or call 01225 810655 and we can chat further.

More information will be available on our website:




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