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Update on Donington Track Day

Donington: Tuesday 20th February We are just one month away from our first track event of the year, a 'loud as you like' unsilenced, relaxed track day, at Donington Park. Using the National layout, this CSCC exclusive day is split into three sessions.

Thank you for those of you who have entered so far. To help even up numbers and ensure quality of track time, we will move a number of you from the oversubscribed classic group, into the slower group (please take that as a compliment that we trust your abilities with any novices). On this basis, each of our groups have just 6 or 7 places remaining, please book now, for £185, with 2nd drivers just £25 and passengers free:

There are only 8 garages remaining, at the time of writing, each are £60 and can hold one or two cars if you wish.

A reminder that if you wish to have your fire extinguisher serviced in garage 38, you must book this in advance, direct with Advantage Motorsport.

Adams & Page will take care of your tyre needs on the day, but request that you kindly pre-book any tyres you wish to buy, their van will almost certainly be full to capacity.




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