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New for 2020: The Timed Pit Stop

New for the CSCC in 2020 is the addition of a new pit stop format for the Modern Classics, Classic K, New Millennium and Slicks Series, a timed two minute pit stop. Here is a Q & A and guide to help get you up to speed..........

Why 2 minutes pit in to pit out?

It makes sense to replicate the method used by other clubs to make it easier for drivers to transition across. Staff members David and Hannah (who can't race with the CSCC) have experienced this format first hand over the last two years.

Why pit in to pit out and not a stationary time?

For the above reason, plus the timekeepers can produce a report for the Clerks that immediately shows if anyone has short stopped (without any discrepancy in deacceleration/acceleration times). The 2 minute pit in to pit out method doesn't require hordes of volunteers armed with calibrated stopwatches.

Can you tell me exactly how long it will take to travel from pit in to pit out at each circuit?

Well we could, but it really won’t help you to know that it might be 12.68 seconds, when factors such as where you stop in the pit lane, approaching cars at the intended time of release, how quickly you accelerate, how well calibrated your instruments are and catching someone travelling slightly slower are all going to affect your time.

Won’t it be manic in the event of a Safety Car/Code 60?

Actually things should be calmer as drivers should in theory leave the pits at the same time and order as they entered, with less rushing. There is always a higher number of drivers entering the pit lane at one time during a race disruption, regardless of the pit stop timing method.

I might be held up by someone driving too slowly down the pit lane?

Most cars do not have pit lane speed limiters so it has always been the case that cars travel down the pit lane at different speeds. The pit lane speed limit is just that, a limit, a maximum, NOT a command that you must drive at exactly that speed. However, we do not expect someone to trundle along at walking pace, impeding the progress of others (whether deliberately or accidentally). The eagle-eyed among you will notice the series regulations now contain an amended rule:

Qualifying Race

Unsafe release or impeding a car during pit stop: Loss of Fastest Lap 30 Seconds

(This is the minimum datum penalty. It does not stop further penalties).

As always it is up to the Motorsport UK Officials to apply penalties if they deem it appropriate, not the CSCC staff, drivers or team members. Safety between heavy cars and squishy people is vital in the pit lane, so acts such as undertaking, cars running alongside each other, stopping in daft places, speeding, or releasing a car into the path of another will be dealt with as appropriate. The vast majority of CSCC competitors turn up with a smile on their face and the right attitude, they want to do as well as they can during the race by fair methods, we don’t see this changing.

Please can you tell us how a typical timed Pit Stop might take place?

  1. Well, before your race meeting we suggest investing a few pounds on two simple countdown timers, such as the one pictured above. Set one to count the race duration and one set to 2 minutes. Mount them securely where you can see them, and are in easy reach, but not anywhere your helmet might touch when you get out the car (ask us how we know!).

  2. When you decide it’s time to pit, signal your intention to enter the pit lane (hand or indicator) and press the button on your countdown timer as you cross the line. It is vital that you don’t forget to press this button......but if you do, don’t panic, look to see if anyone has pitted just in front or behind you and hope that they remembered!

  3. Pull safely over, into an unoccupied space and use this time as you wish, for example swapping drivers, taking a drink, checking tyre pressures, wheel nuts, oily bits (but never adding fuel).

  4. Anticipate roughly how long it might take you to get to the pit exit from where you are parked.

  5. Pull out and accelerate safely and under full control (minimal wheelspin), travelling in the ‘fast’ lane at as close to the speed limit as you are safely able.

  6. If you’ve got the timing right your countdown timer alarm will sound just before you cross the pit exit line, therefore a fraction after 2 minutes has elapsed. If you’ve got it wrong and you think you might cross the line too early do not brake or stop, the potential penalty for this may be stiffer than short stopping.

  7. Be aware that a stop at 1:59.99 will get you a minimum 30 second penalty, there is no margin of tolerance!

Adams & Page Swinging Sixties Series

The Adams & Page Swinging Sixties Series will be unique in that series competitors will have the option of taking a two minute timed pit stop if they are a single driver, where they can remain in their car. Two driver teams will continue with the tried, tested and popular quick as you can pit stop, as can single drivers if they wish to do so.



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