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Registrations Now Open and Rule Changes.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

You may now register your car for the 2021 season, with prices held once again to £99. Our 12 month club membership fee also remains the same price at £39, as it has for the past ten seasons. The vast majority of entry fees also remain the same as in 2020.

To register and/or join, you may either print a form or submit your details and payment online. Online is quicker and easier, to do so, please fill out step 1, press the red submit button and then complete step 2 and make payment. We use Paypal to handle the transaction, but note that you do not need to create an account with them.

For most of you, the total to pay will be £138 (£39+£99), with the option of the Verum Builders Open Series and/or Liqui Moly Slicks for free, as an additional series.

Hannah will start to process your applications when the office re-opens on January 4th, but please have patience as she will be particularly busy. If you wish to retain your 2020 race number please ensure that you have re-registered by the end of January.

What's New For 2021?

New Series Sponsors: All of our existing series sponsors have renewed for 2021, this is great news for the club and its' members, helping to keep your fees the same, increasing the profile of the club and in many cases, offering you prizes or discounts.

JMC Racing now sponsor the Special Saloons and Modsports Series. JMC racing is a company which hires out race & track day cars. They also hire classic sports cars for special occasions and TV and Film Hire. Please see their 'Cars to hire' pages to browse their selection of exceptional cars and some will be familiar to CSCC members. JMC Racing have generously agreed to gift a bottle of Pol Roger Champagne to a lucky recipient at each round.

We are proud to announce that Liqui Moly have agreed to sponsor the Slicks Series for 2021, in addition to the New Millennium Series. A world-renowned company in the field of high quality automotive products, whilst best known for their oils and additives, Liqui Moly have a range of more than 4000 items, including service products, car care, greases and pastes, underbody-protection and windscreen adhesives. Many of these are ideally suited to the varied types of cars that race with the CSCC, whatever their age and performance. Please take the time to look at their Oil Guide as well as their many other products. Prizes and giveaways will be on offer at each round, (Covid rules allowing) for competitors in these series.


We know that this is a delicate subject for some of you, but it's an important topic for us. It is important to us, that when your car is on track with us, that it shows both the CSCC and sponsor stickers, it is a series regulation. We only ever have one sponsor per series, so at the most, you may need to display a windscreen-strip, two sponsor-stickers and the CSCC logos, considerably less than many other series. The regulations are here: Sticker Guide Q. Already have a windscreen strip? A. Apply the CSCC series sponsor strip over the top.

Q. Raced elsewhere and they've made you remove the CSCC stickers? A. Come to race admin. before the car goes on track and pick up some more. Q. Can you post them to me? A. Sorry, the cost and time to do this makes it prohibitive.

Series Infringements

No-one likes penalties, but they are necessary for sporting fairness and safety, therefore any penalty needs to be fair but effective. Your Committee, in conjunction with the MSUK Clerks, have spent a considerable amount of time analysing the effectiveness of the series infringements over the past few years. It was identified, that in some circumstances, a time or a lap-penalty is not always appropriate, therefore the Clerks now have more tools at their disposal...please see series regulations. There are no new infringements for 2021.

Series Changes

All 2021 series regulations are now available on their respective series pages. Whilst Covid controls remain, pit-stops will stay the same as in 2020, reverting to those agreed at the end of 2019 once Covid passes.

The RX-8 Trophy class within the Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops Series has two small changes. All of the sound deadening cloth material may be removed from the engine bay. This is for neatness and prevents it potentially soaking up fluids. Additional bonnet and boot catches, such as Aero catches, whilst not necessary (as the cars have an MOT), may be neatly fitted. You may then remove the standard catches only, if you wish.

The Smart 4Two cars return as a class (not a series) within the Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops Series, after a break from racing for 12 months. Clarification that roof scoops are permitted for the FWD forced-induction cars within the Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops Series. These are standard fitment on some models and were always allowed, when they originally raced, as part of the New Millennium Series, even if not in writing. The series has some flexibility on aero, so this is in keeping with that ethos.

As above, the Liqui Moly New Millennium Series now specifically permits roof scoops as they were standard fitment on some racing variants.

Adams & Page Swinging Sixties have a new guidance sheet that forms part of the regulations for MG Midgets and their cousins. There are no changes to what we do and don't allow, but the guidance helps the office and new competitors understand what is permitted.

JMC Racing Special Saloons and Modsports have additional text regarding eligibility to race with us at Spa, now that they may join us there, for the first time in 2021.

Liqui Moly Slicks Series now enters its second year. With class A (for cars over 3500cc) being especially popular, it was decided to split the class in two for 2021. To keep things simple and cost effective we have adopted similar wording to that used when we split the popular M3 class in New Millennium some years ago: Class A1- Over 3500cc, highly modified or latest models

Class A2 - Over 3500cc, lightly modified or older models

Note that the CSCC reserve the right to re-classify cars between classes A1 and A2 at any time, based on likely and actual performance.

Silhouette cars within the Liqui Moly Slicks Series divide opinion, but as we have seen this year and in previous years, as part of the Open Series, they can happily run alongside steel chassis cars without issue. The key thing is ensuring the drivers attitude and respect for others, matches the ethos of the CSCC (a non-contact sport). We will continue to accept/decline each of these cars and drivers individually, for the good of the whole series. We do not anticipate many silhouette's competing with us, but those that do will be welcomed.

Mintex Classic K added a new class for 1 litre cars at the beginning of 2020, we believe that sub-1 litre A series cars are in build for this. In order for them to be competitive we have now created a new 1 litre class for Ginettas.

Co-ordsport Tin Tops have no changes, but a reminder that modifications to the silhouette, specifically the addition of holes is being closely monitored. You are strongly recommended to contact Series Representative Stuart Levers before setting to with a hole saw!

Verum Builders Open Series race format changed in 2020, to 2x20 minute races, on a shared grid with the Jaguar Championship. For 2021 this has now reverted to an all CSCC grid, with a mixture of double-header, non-pit-stop races and longer 30 and 40-minute pit- stop races. We know from speaking to many of you, that both formats are enjoyed, so that's what you've got!

We look forward to receiving your memberships and registrations shortly.



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