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CSCC Season Grand Finale - Silverstone Spectacular GP

We are delighted to offer our members the opportunity to compete on the full Grand Prix layout at Silverstone Circuit next month, the first time we have been able to accommodate all our series.

The full 3.67 miles (5.9km) modern GP layout is both the longest and widest in the UK, perfect for accommodating our large grids, whilst ensuring ample racing room.

Entries will open on Thursday 9th September. So as to reduce the chance of a system slowdown, and ensure we can best support you from the office, we will stagger the opening times on Thursday as follows:

Adams & Page Swinging Sixties, Mintex Classic K, Advantage Motorsport Future Classics and Cartek Motorsport Modern Classics may enter on Thursday from Midday.

JMC Racing Special Saloons and Modsports, Bernie's Sports Racing and V8's, Liqui Moly Slicks, Motorsports School Turbo Tin Tops, Co-ordSport Tin Tops, Mr Tyre Puma Cup, Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens, Liqui Moly New Millennium and Verum Builders Open Series may enter on Thursday from 15:00.

Entries will be taken on a strictly first-come-first-served basis, online, by emailed form, fax or post. Please note that as always, you cannot enter by phone and a confirmed entry must comprise both entry AND payment together.

CSCC will be operating from the prestigious Wing, with every series having allocated space to garaging. By opting for the Wing and International paddock it means you can settle in on Saturday, without having to wait for the previous event to finish.

The costs to run the GP circuit are substantial. In order to deliver good value to the members and ensure Marshals and drivers alike are kept entertained with strong grid numbers, it is inevitable that a certain amount of careful grid sharing is necessary. Which series will race with another will be known on Thursday, but expect similar groups as in the past.

The JMC Racing Special Saloons & Modsports will have the novelty of being able to take part in a 40 minute pit stop race. For those with smaller fuel tanks you can enter with a buddy, as a two-car team, sharing the costs.

All races will be live streamed and can be viewed via YouTube and Facebook channels, courtesy of Speed Clad. More on this and other details nearer the time.




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